Tour in Morocco

The possibility to carry out circuits for Morocco is between the ideas of holiday dream for many people. If this is your case, Why not give you the pleasure of exploring this country so close geographically and at the same time with a landscape and a character so different from ours? Having a fully specialized agency as Haima Experience is the key to take advantage of your days in the neighboring country in the best possible way, with a travel plan your custom designed by professionals with over one decade of experience in this specific area.

circuitos por marruecos

Agency specialized in circuits by Morocco

At the time of preparing Morocco itineraries We turn to our customers – which include both individuals and agencies – with a comprehensive service, supported in the presence that we have both in Madrid as in Morocco, with a high capacity to adapt to the requirements and preferences that we arise in each case, including dates, duration or number of travelers. Of course, also can count in all time with our advice and our suggestions to include in the planning of your trip those areas and activities that more fit with your tastes.

At the end, and after the, the possibilities that offers the country are endless. You invite you to discover the wonders that host cities Imperial as FES and Marrakech in routes by Morocco focused on architecture and history, to delight you with the landscapes of the coast Atlantic or to live an adventure exploring the desert in our trips to Morocco on 4×4.
Your trip is will be enriched by our selection of accommodations genuine and with charm, including bivouacs, riads or kasbahs depending on the area, and offers of them safe relevant to be able to enjoy with a total tranquility of your trip. Will be included all the transfers in them different means of transportation necessary from your arrival to the airport, an aspect in which also highlights the wide variety of options that you can propose.