General conditions package

These general conditions are made in accordance with the provisions of the R.D. 1/2007 from 16 November, of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws (, modified by the R.D.-law 23/2018, from 21 from December ( and to the European Directive 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on package travel and related travel services (EU directive on package travel). The technical organization of these trips was made by Vidadi TRAVEL S.L.. CIF: B87186797, CICMA; 3187, with address at Calle Arriaza, No 18, 1º D, 28008 Madrid.

1.- TRAVEL CONFIRMATION: Obligation to make a contract that links the user to the organizer and / or retailer. It will be supported on a sheet / brochure which will also cover transport, the type of accommodation, meals included, itinerary, the visits, the amount and form of payment. He also collect all the necessary information on the necessary documents, passport, visas, etc. and also those health formalities required for travel to the country concerned. the name and telephone assistance is also included in that contract in the country of destination.

2.- PAYMENT METHODS: With the confirmation of the reservation of the trip an advance payment will be made on the total amount. The rest will always be paid before the start of the trip. The percentages and dates will be informed in any case both in the form / brochure and in the contract to be signed between parties.

3.- CANCELLATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS: In case the customer cancels the trip before departure, the agency will be entitled to the refund that will appear in the contract to be signed between the parties.

4.- OBLIGATION OF COMMUNICATION: The customer is obliged to inform the organizing agency, in writing as soon as possible, any default in the performance of the contract you have checked. It is also preferable that you inform, in situ, the service provider failed.

5.- DATA PROTECTION: Vidadi travel S.L., complies with the guidelines of the law organic 15/1999 from 13 of December of protection of data of character Personal, the Royal Decree 1720/2007 from 21 December approving the Regulations implementing the Organic Law approved, the Data Protection Act GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other applicable regulations at all times, and sail to ensure proper use and treatment of personal data of the user. necessary personal data are collected for management and maintenance of some of our services. These data are included in our files, that you are suitably inscribed in the register of the data protection agency. Without prejudice of the purposes that in each case you indicate, This information will be stored and managed with its due confidentiality, applying the measures of security computer established in the legislation applicable to prevent the access or use abuse of their data, its manipulation, deterioration or loss. At any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification or cancellation with regard to such data, directing your request to the address of the owner of the files, by writing to the address of the Company or email Data processing is based on consent or if the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract you are party, or to take action when requested before entering into a contract (Véase GDPR art. 6(1)(a)-(b)). You can find more information in Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.

What information we collect? In the case of hiring a package with Vidadi Travel S.L., the following data to the client will be required to carry out: Name and surname, DNI / NIE / NIF / Pasaporte, postal address and email.

Do we disclose information to third parties? Vidadi not sell, exchanged or transferred to third parties personal data.

Notice of violation of personal data In the event that your data is compromised, Vidadi Travel S.L.. will notify you and the competent supervisory authorities within 72 hours by e-mail with information about the extent of the violation, the affected data, any impact on the service and Vidadi action plan with measures to protect data and limit any possible negative impact on stakeholders. The “infringement of personal data” It refers to a security violation that leads to destruction, lost, disturbance, unauthorized disclosure or access, accidental or illegal, personal data transmitted to, stored or processed related to the Service.

6.- INSURANCE: All our combined trips include basic assistance insurance, totally free, Intermundial contracted with the Company and with the following coverage:


We encourage you to have more coverage on your journey, even to anticipate the possible cancellation / annulment, subscribing insurance travel assistance OPTIONAL, with a very competitive price and with the following coverages: